November 12, 2012

Homeschool Catch-Up

All my days are running together and I forget to post my weekly updates. But we are still doing school, we took a little break after some melt downs occurred and now we are back into out groove.
I am happy to say that Nikolas is catching on to reading very quickly and has just a few more pages left in his kinder math workbook. I ordered him the first grade book and we'll see if he passes up Joshua.
Joshua surprises himself by reading new words every day. Seriously, it doesn't surprise me! He is so smart, they both are. Makes my job so much easier. Joshua loves drawing and being creative. He drew blue prints for a Lego project and then built it!
I love all the books we have been reading with Sonlight. Right now we are reading The House at Pooh Corner, the boys are enjoying it a lot. I, personally, am really enjoying reading about missionaries and their stories in I Heard Good News Today.
Nikolas is reading the directions for his math work.
Drawing in his journal.
Tangrams in jammies.
Another butterfly

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