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First of all, I love Jesus. I really believe in sharing God's love with the world and showing people that most stereotypes about Christians just aren't true. I am also a creative disaster. I love to try new things, spend lots of money getting everything possible for said new things and then letting dust collect. No, I really do love crafting but with two little boys, homeschooling them, going to school full-time, taking care of our home and my wonderful husband come first. I also love to read but sadly that doesn't happen nearly enough either. I somehow find the time to blog. I love sharing information with my readers. My blog is pretty crazy, back to the name, Creative Disaster. I blog about my life; Jesus, my family, my hobbies, homeschooling, our travels and everything in between. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to subscribe or friend me on Facebook! 
my boys 6/2011
my boys 6/2012

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