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Just the Beginning
7/14/2011- Summer Weight Loss Challenge
7/22- lost 1.4 this week.
8/23- gained .4 but I think that is pretty good considering we were on vacation for three weeks!
9/24- weight 169.8, total lost of 24 pounds since starting Weight Watchers, 45 pounds since July, 2010.
11/3- weight 167 pounds.

4/9/2012- 5-5-5 Challenge and a new start
4/16- lost 2.8 pounds! current weight is 171.2
4/23-lost 1.2, not too bad.
5/30-gained a few, lost a few. back in the game! 170.2 today! I started doing the Moms Into Fitness workouts, which you need to check out. They really are great and most of workouts are free on the website.
7/19- gained a few on vacation, lost most of it already. getting back on track with Moms Into Fitness three times a week. I can feel that I am getting stronger, so pounds aren't so important right now. I am about the same weight I was a year ago but I feel better because I am working out. I am hoping to add some running to mix soon to shed the pounds.

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