February 26, 2010

Coffee Time

I'm having an afternoon coffee. This morning I had to fast for some routine bloodwork. So, no morning coffee until about 9:30! Morning just isn't the same without smooth, frothy cappuccino! Click on the button to visit Home Sanctuary, one of my fave blogs! Have a great weekend!


Aiming4Simple said...

I love the the title of your blog. It isn't far off the mark for me either. I look forward to reading more of what you have to share about Sacred Marriage and Dr. Suess and everything in between.

Julia, a Company Girl and fellow electic soul

the.bain.family. said...

welcome to CGC! I am getting around to all the blogs super late this week!

Cathy said...

First time on your blog. Love it. Hope all went well and routine with your blood work. I'll look forward to visiting next week.


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