February 27, 2010

New (not really) Sewing Machine!

My mom got me a sewing machine at the thrift store. Its an old JCPenney model and boy did I have fun tracking down the instruction manual. I did a few google searches and came up with nothing. I went to the JCPenney website and decided to contact them for help. Within two days they replied to tell me that the model was actually made by Brother. It is model number VX810. Next I went to the Brother site and was able to locate the manual for free! There were so many places online trying to charge for this. I learned a valuable lesson--always go to the source, cut out the middle man! Anyway, I'm excited to get sewing! I have a ton of projects I'd like to work on. Notice that I didn't say finish, I just said work on! I need to get needles, bobbins and thread, fabric might help, too. And some oil, who knows how long that thing was sitting! Here she is... Thanks Mom!

1 comment:

mira said...

brothers are great, I bet you'll love it. Let me know when you run out of projects to start, I'll fill your inbox with links to tutes ;-p


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