February 23, 2010

To Do...

I need to write these things down.

Master Bedroom- paint, bedding, closet organizer, window covering
Boy's Bedroom- closet organizer, window covering
Upstairs Bathroom- storage, shower curtain, medicine cabinet, mirror, light fixture
Living Room- shelf, picture/art, window covering, something for wall behind couch
Playroom- wall stickers, pictures, hang toy hammock, fix curtain rod
Office- paint, decor
Hall- paint, decor
Downstairs Bathroom- remove hideous wallpaper, paint, shower curtain
Kitchen- window covering, paint walls and cupboards, shelf above window, spice rack
Laundry Room- organize, shelf, carpet tiles


1 comment:

Danny said...

hi :)

list looks ambitious. also looks like a great arm workout.

~E (not d)


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