March 29, 2010

last week my goal was to go to the gym four times. it didn't happen. i went to the gym once and did biggest loser on the wii one day. i am disappointed in myself. i am also frustrated and wish the issue would just go away.

But it won't. So, I pledge this week to exercise THREE times, just to get my heart rate up and hopefully feel a little better about myself. Part 2 of my goal of the week will be to reduce calorie intake, up my fruit and veggie intake and drink more water!

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mira said...

when I'm trying to improve my water intake, I put 1 full nalgene on the counter in the morning. Every single time I see it I take a sip or gulp. Usually it's emptied by dinnertime if I do that, and then once I can do that regularly I fill 2 bottles.

and yeah, I cannot wait for warmer weather. With it comes inspiration to get moving that is severely lacking in this dreary WNY season. You're doing way better than me on the exercise front!!


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