April 18, 2010

Goal of the Week 4/19

The last two weeks were a blur of tissue, pills and hot steamy showers. I drank so much green tea with honey that I thought I might turn green. What started as a mild sore throat on Easter turned into chest congestion which led to sinus congestion and eventually a hefty sinus infection. The antibiotics are done but I'm still shooting yuck flavored, orange goo three times a day, then ending it with a high note of liquid licorice. blech. I'm really over being sick. And now poor hubs is feeling it and the kids are deep into the mucousy madness. double blech.

Needless to say, I've gotten a little behind around the house. I have been keeping up with washing the laundry but not putting it away. Below is a picture of the laundry room... A little frightening if you ask me. Most of it is clean and waiting to be put in its proper place.

My goal this week is to get completely caught up on laundry, including washing the bedding and towels. Everything clean and in its place.

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Sheena said...

yuck, sinus infections stink! =( I've been dealing with allergies, and the girls have had sore throats =( ugh. Good luck with the laundry! My goal is to finish organizing the craft/homeschool room. I'm finally almost done unpacking all my craft stuff! (I've only been here for almost a year!) LOL


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