May 20, 2010

Father's Day Is One Month Away

I really like to honor my husband on Father's Day. He is an amazing father! I don't usually have a problem making some kind of craft with the kids for him but this year I'd really like to do something special. I think dads usually get forgotten because Father's Day is after school gets out. That is why they have awesome moms like us! What are your plans? Do you have memories of making something special or a certain gift that you loved giving your dad?

Check out Kaboose for some great crafty ideas for dad! and a million other cool things, too.


Bellamama said...

I took Zeke on a picnic last year. He seemed to like that. IDK what I'm going to do this year. Thinking about it.

Jackie said...

Hey Emily!

I found your blog on the blog frog promo and so enjoyed looking over your site!! I luv meeting new bloggin' sisters and hope you'll stop by my place sometime for a visit!

I'm following you now!

Sweet Blessings!

mira said...

hmm...maybe I'll get on the bike long enough to take a picture. fully clothed, of course ;-p

Mama Kat said...

Our rule on father's day and mother's day is that we can choose to do WHATEVER we want on those days. Go to the movies, have a quiet house, anything! Mother's day was incredible for me. :)


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