May 4, 2010

Joshua's Notebook

This is Joshua with his new notebook that I made for him. He loves writing and doodling.

This is the front cover. I started with a basic composition book. I used Stampin' Up paper and the letter stickers are from Creative memories. I used a punch to make the letters stand out more. I used glue stick to adhere the paper.

This is the back, I "laminated" it with packing tape for extra protection.

This is the inside of the back cover. I printed an alphabet tracer page. He can use a dry-erase marker on this because it is laminated.

And, finally, on the inside cover I put a tracer page with his name.

1 comment:

mira said...

nope, definitely didn't see this, weird. I like it! I'm looking for almost watercolor-thick pages, or at least the ones with lines only on the bottom half of each page and space at the top for a pic. We'll see...have yet to make it to a real store to view the options.


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