May 10, 2010

Lonely: Day 2

I'm really not lonely. I'm trying to remain positive and enjoy my time away from hubs. I have had a lot of time to read and get caught up on a few things.

I've really wanted to revamp my "Sanity Keeper" aka my homemaking binder. I love simplemom, it really is a great resource to make life simpler. [You can also get to simplehomeschool, simplebites and simpleorganic there.] simplemom has these great downloads for FREE!

Right now I am printing and hole punching the Daily Docket and the Master Weekly Checklist for cleaning. I printed 60 of the Daily Docket and 8 of the Weekly Checklist. I'm set for two months. I like the idea of scheduling it out daily and having flexibility. Some days I really don't want to clean the kitchen as soon as I walk downstairs and some days I really want to read in the recliner all day. I always use pencil! Church is in ink and my husband would say the gym is, too. I'm just not there yet. I use dividers in a big three ring binder. I also have a monthly list of blog ideas that I just made and will start using to keep you coming back for more! I just made it in Excel and listed boxes 1-31 for each day of the month that are big enough for ideas, notes and references. One of my goals is to learn more about sharing documents on my blog, so then I can show you and share them with you. Please let me know tips for doing this and resources, too. Thanks.

Some other things I'd working on putting into my binder are my "Five Fat Files". If you've ever read Elizabeth George's book (I did the study) A Woman After God's Own Heart® then you know what I'm talking about. If not, I'll try to explain a little bit and then you need to just order the book! Elizabeth's five fat files are full of information to increase your expertise in any five areas. It's all about intentional spiritual growth. By committing just fifteen minutes a day to your areas, you can become an expert in a few years and use your knowledge to teach, inspire, and minister to others. My files include marriage, ministry, managing my home, health and parenting. There are numerous sub categories, which I write on the front of the file. In these files I keep notes, scripture, print outs and anything else I've found to make me better at each subject. These are very personal and each person's files can be completely different. I also have this setup in my web browser bookmarks, so I can save links according to which file it would go in.

I plan on adding a warranty section for all our product information that we always seem to lose. In the fall when I will be a full-fledged-preschool-homeschool-mom I will use my binder to organize and schedule all that good stuff. And I'd like to add a menu plan section.

Whats in your binder?

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