May 18, 2010

Military Homecoming Ideas

I found these great, simple ideas to celebrate a homecoming. They are from Navy Wives Online. These would be great for any homecoming, not just military.

  • Make a banner to hang over your fence, patio, front door or garage. You can get a plain bedsheet for about $5, and use craft paints to make a great welcome home sign!
  • Paper chains decorated by the kids make great decorations to hang all over!
  • Crepe Paper streamers and balloons
  • Sidewalk chalk to make signs on the drive, walk, and patio, welcoming home your sailor
  • T-shirts with photos of the family, or special pictures, anything special to say welcome home
  • Favorite Flowers, vased at home or wrapped at the homecoming
  • Decorated dixie cups (you can get these hats at Oriental
  • Plant some special plants, flowers aroudn the house to dress it up for a spring or summer homecoming
  • Holiday lights are a great addition to make the house pop out if you are driving up in the evening, If you are not going to be home for a while, you can get a timer to set them on, and have them turn on just before you get home
  • Take your special sailor out to a nice dinner
  • Plan a night in with family, playing board games or card games
  • Run a hot bath or shower, light a few cadles, and invite your sailor to wash off that boat residue, and relax for a few, and then enjoy a body massage at yor own skilled hands
  • Make a special dinner with their favorite foods
  • Invite a couple friends over and have a laid back movie night, or get together to catch up, and just take it easy
  • Take your sailor out for a nice walk to see the neighborhood, or even just the mall
  • A special card made by you and/or the kids
  • Dinner out at their favorite restaurant
  • Video games that have been released since your sailor went on deployment/underway
  • A good book
  • New music
  • A gift certificate for a night out
  • A super clean house

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