May 1, 2010

Not for your granny anymore...

Maybe it is because I am getting older (no, not old but older) but I really enjoy Good housekeeping. They have great tips, recipes and decorating ideas. I saw this awesome price and am getting myself a subscription. Buying off the stand is ridiculously expensive! What is your favorite magazine? Mine used to be Fitness. I also love organizing and decorating magazines. duh.

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Mocha Momma said...

Hi Emily, I was noticing that I began blogging about a year ago & I went to my fist post and you had left a comment.

I didn't know all about blogging and following then and I came to see you. What a nice blog you have here. I like your page layout/ design.

So thanks for being one of my first visitors on May 7th, 2009.

I'm here to follow. Hope to see you around. I only get on to blog once a week or sometimes two weeks goes by, but I'll get over to see you when you leave me a comment.

Happy May & have a great week,


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