November 16, 2010

Wedding Dreams

This is from my friend, Jamie, that it seems I have known as long as I can remember. Please vote and help them win the wedding of their dreams!

Hey Family & Friends, 

We have some very exciting news!!! My Honey and I have been selected as finalist in a Dream Wedding contest. This would be an amazing opportunity for us to have the wedding of a lifetime. As many of you know, we have been planning our wedding for a long time but due to some major financial obstacles and of course with my Sister and Nephew missing, we had been forced to put those plans on hold.

Last month we entered a wedding contest. It was the very last day to enter the contest and I figured I had nothing to lose. I've never won anything in my life so I really wasn't expecting to hear anything back. We we're so excited to learn that we had been chosen as one of the finalist couples.

I had all but given up on having a wedding but now we might just get another shot at that dream. We need everyones help to make this happen! Please vote for us and share this link, you can invite your friends to this event as well. I really appreciate your help! Thank you for taking the time to read this and vote for us! This really means the world to us!!

Click here to vote!

Thank you,

:) Jamie & Kobi


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