December 2, 2010

How Sheena Taught Her Oldest To Read

My good friend, Sheena over at Dandelion Days is also doing Thirty Days of Thanksgiving and on Day 19 she talked about her family's love of books and reading. They are a homeschooling family and I asked how she taught her oldest, Miss Dainty, to read. She replied in this blog post and has some really great tips and products to help any child learn to read. I really appreciate the time she took to explain and help me out. If you have a little one(s) then you should really read it. I have already ordered our own copy of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I can't wait to get started!
Thanks Sheena!

1 comment:

Melyssa Duggan said...

Thanks for sharing, she has some great ideas. I agree with the leapfrog DVD, I used it with Blake and he knew all of the letter sounds by 2.5 yo. I used the leapfrog fridge magnets also. For his third birthday I got him the leapfrog magnetic word builder and he loves coming up with three letter words to spell. I might have to get the 100 easy lessons book, sounds interesting!


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