January 4, 2011

Giveaway DAY 11

Can you believe the giveaway fun is almost over? Make sure you go enter all the great giveaways and I'll announce the winners on Thursday! 

Today I am giving away Max Lucado's book Outlive Your Life. I did the review on it recently and because Walterbrook Multnomah gave me a free copy I want to pass on the book to you. 
You will have only ONE way to enter today! But it might be a big challenge. Don't forget to leave your contact information!
1. Leave a comment and tell us how you want to change your life or the lives of others in 2011. You can post your answer on your own blog and leave a comment or just write it here. 


Case & Coop said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did!

2011 is all about starting over for me. Freshly divorced, a single mom, just me and my little buckaroo. Above all things, I am striving in 2011 to look at life through uncovered eyes and to focus on making wonderful, wonderful memories with my little boy.

I'm a HUGE Max Lucado fan - - sounds like this book would be right up my alley!

My Captivating Images said...

I know this is a little odd but I want to live life more! Often times I find myself sitting in front of my computer more than I would like. I stay home with the kids over half of the time (I do limited photo sessions due to homeschooling) and sometimes I feel like I don't leave the house for days other than to check the mail. I also want to be more organized, more disciplined, and always closer to God! I lOve Max Lucado.

Jennifer Boone said...

The way I want to change lives in 2011 is through my work. I currently work at an inner city Title I school. Over 80% of our population receives free lunch. Most of my students go home to places that do not have electricity or running water much less positive influences. I want to be that positive influence for them and show them that there is hope through hard work and an education. I want to be that person they can rely on to be supportive.

Jen Boone
Fort Myers, FL

momadoud said...

Changing my life daily and would love a fresh start with my daughters. We are a military family stationed in Italy...basically trapped here with my soon to be EX husband if I have my way about it. Problem is we are so in debt I can't afford toe leave. I have no savings and no home to go to. I've not worked in 10 years...for being a stay at home mom taking care of my daughters and ungrateful husband! I've stuck it out and tried for so long I have finally given up on HIM but not my life and my daughters. We do our own thing and live our lives...but are stuck here till we can save or afford to leave! It's an unfortunate situation...But every thing happens for a reason...and what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...so we are grateful for what we have and each other and are taking one day at a time. One foot in front of the other!
I am a big fan of Max Lucado and this book looks great as are all of his books! Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Lacey said...

2011 is all about being deliberate for me. I want to be deliberate about everything in my life, so that I don't look up, and it's gone! I've got little girls that I want to deliberately spend time with, not just in the same room, but WITH them. I want to be deliberate about studying God's word, and taking care of my body.

This is one of the few Max Lucado books not in our home library, so I'd LOVE to add it to our collection!

Theresa said...

This one is maybe a little selfish..I want to take better care of myself. I think it would help me be more patient and be able to be a better wife, mother, and friend.

Adrianne said...

I want to change my life in accordance with God's will. Some of those are obvious, some not so much. The obvious ones would be getting rid of the anger I sometimes I feel and react with. The Bible says to rid ourselves of anger, bitterness, and rage. I also have a pretty low self -esteem. I'm very uncomfortable with my appearance and feel so self-conscience when I haven't been able to put a lot of time and effort (I don't have) into what I look like, not even going into Ruben's work because I don't want to embarrass him with his ugly wife. Those are deep but very real thoughts. They are debilitating and I feel it doesn't glorify God if I cannot be happy with who He made me.

I would like to make a difference in other lives by just noticing their needs more and meeting the ones that God calls me to meet. I have a hard time discerning which ones are meant for me and which ones are meant for others to help in. I would like to be more of a positive influence in my children's live. That alone I think will have a chain reaction in their children's lives and so on, I pray and hope.

alli said...

I want to change my life in 2011 by just seizing the day :) I'm not a person who likes to take risks, or do things on a whim, but I think that I will try this year.
I also just want to grow in my faith - specifically, not judging others and being more grateful for the wonderful people in my life!

northssclub at yahoo dot com


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