January 10, 2011

Ten Things We Did in 2010

  1. We moved to Maryland.
  2. We drove cross country (12/2009 we drove from VA to CA and 1/2010 we drove CA to MD).
  3. We lived in the snow.
  4. We toured DC.
  5. I taught a craft class to my Bible study friends.
  6. We moved to Mexico City.
  7. I learned to crochet (maybe learning is a better way to put that).
  8. I fell in love with crock-pot cooking.
  9. I lost 25 pounds on the Move to Mexico City Diet.
  10. I'd like to think I learned to rely a little more on God in 2010, baby steps. 
 Our backyard in Maryland almost a year ago.
 My favorite boys in front of the Washington Monument.
 The White House
My first crochet project.
The boys at Hard Rock Mexico City.

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