January 14, 2011

Trip To The Zoo

We visited the zoo in Mexico City for the first time yesterday. We really enjoyed it. It was free to get in but we had a nominal fee to see the butterflies and snakes. These are some of the pictures. It was fun and we all slept so good! We will for sure be heading back.
Squirrel stealing some food
deer having lunch
Joshua loving the animals
this little monkey came over to say hi
Nikolas loves the little monkeys
this tiger stood so I could take a picture
this iguana is huge
lunch in the butterfly house

Joshua in front of the waterfall

Nikolas really wanted the butterfly to sit on his hand

this is the lady's hat that was standing next us

he was such a happy camper

Lion laying on his back

big ol' rhino


Miranda said...

I LOVE the zoo! I'm like a little kid there :-) It's so fun taking little ones to the zoo, isn't it!?

Cheri said...

I haven't been to the zoo in forever! Looks like fun. Your kids are adorable!


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