July 1, 2011

A Long Journey: Part Five

Continued from yesterday's post:
In July 2006, Jason and I got married. I was then at my heaviest of 212 pounds. After having Joshua by cesarean and then having my gall bladder out a month later I was so tired and sore for a long time. Five months later we were packing out to move to Sicily. The other side of the world with my new family. After arriving, I was indeed suffering from some culture shock but more from military living than from living in a foreign country. Not long after moving into our new house we found out we'd be having another little one. Our boys were only 18 months apart. But with Nikolas I only gained THREE pounds! That was gone when we left the hospital, three days after my cesarean. I experienced some major exhaustion but also some depression. I don't think it was post-partum but just being so alone and so far from home. Food to the rescue! I was a binge eater for sure. During our time in Sicily, I met God. I was Catholic but while we were there I met and developed a relationship with Jesus. So much changed but it was a long road. I learned to lean on Jesus when I was lonely. Then He sent me some friends that will be my friends for life. They were my family. Two years after Nikolas was born we moved to Washington, DC. We joined the gym, never went, enjoyed eating all the American food we'd been missing. And then Jason starting traveling for work. It was horrible. I was so lonely and stressed. Then we got word that we would be moving to Mexico City... in six weeks. Eight weeks later, after two in a hotel waiting on visas, we flew out. I was at my heaviest ever, 215 pounds.

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LaToya said...

I don't struggle with my weight. But as a woman and a mom I do struggle with body image. My current body is a far cry from my pre-baby days. I am so proud that you are sharing so much with us. Thanks!

Oh and I LOVE the new look!


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