August 26, 2011

Week One:Complete

Joshua working on "f's". 
Our first week of homeschooling is complete! We are halfway through our Creation Unit and I will post pictures of that next week when all is done. Joshua is flying through Math-U-See and really enjoying it. He also likes doing Get Ready for the Code, and I like how it is very balanced and doesn't concentrate only on handwriting or phonics. For more on our curriculum, click here.
I am proud to say that Joshua know all of his upper case letters and sounds, as well as all of his lower case letters. He does mix up b/d and sometimes n/a. But that is ok! I am planning on start Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading in week 3 but that may change.
We will start our daily devotional, Gotta Have God for ages 2-5, in week 3 after our creation unit. The first day of each week I will read the devotion from My ABC Bible Verses to go along with the letter that week.
I am loving The Well-Planned Day to plan what we will do each week. I can check it off and make notes. It makes planning very easy. And I can plan everything in it, including dinners and weekend activities.
I am proud of my boys! And I am proud of our decision to homeschool.
Nikolas with his silly faces, showing his cutting job.

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