September 6, 2011

Our School Routine

Typically, subject to change and then change again, our schedule looks like this:
  • Morning Calendar (school days)
  • Bible/devotional/My ABC Bible Verses (daily)
  • Math-U-See (usually 3 days per week)
  • Get Ready for the Code (one lesson takes 2-3 days but Joshua asks to do it every day)
  • Spanish (3 days per week but he has been asking to do more)
  • Arts/Music (2 days per week)
  • Science/Social Studies/History (following our curriculum, a little each day)
  • Exercise (3 days per week)
  • Cooking (at least one day per week that Joshua can help prepare a meal)
Our daily schedule looks something like this:
  • breakfast
  • morning chores; make bed, get dressed, brush teeth, etc.
  • 15 minutes of playing Nintendo DSi (this has really been helping get Joshua calmed down before school starts)
  • school starts about 9
  • snack break and computer time about 10
  • finish school
  • lunch at 12ish
  • movie/cartoons/wii/free play
  • chores ( 2-3 days a week, the boys have chores to do but that is another post)
  • get ready for dinner
  • after dinner we have some family time
  • evening chores; pajamas, brush teeth, clean up toys and books, etc.
  • read books and turn out the lights
I use the Well-Planned Day to keep me sane, it breaks down each day and subject for me. Then as we complete an item I just mark it off. It also has a place for dinner planning, priorities and weekends. It is full of inspiring quotes and stories, too. 

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Malea said...

So fantastic that your child asks to do MORE. Wonderful, and shows that he is engaged, and that you've made the right choices for materials. Excellent!


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