September 2, 2011

Week Two: Complete

We had another productive homeschooling week. Joshua is doing so well, I'm going to have to find more things for him to do! Here are some pictures of our Creation Lesson...
Joshua and his creation wheel from Mary Rice Hopkins.

Creations Numbers with pictures of each days' events. These are from our My Father's World curriculum.

Our record binder with dividers for each subject. I keep worksheets and projects that will fit here for record.

I cut up the workbook so we could keep it in the binder. 

Joshua's Creation wheel (source noted above) and his Creation book.

"The light and the dark."

"Water and the clouds and the blue sky."

"The tree with the leaves."

"The sun and the moon and the stars."

"The fish and the water and the whale."

"The goose and the bird and the people and the grass."

"The tiger and the grass and the dirt and the people sleeping."

Joshua's Super Heroes Bible, NIRV.

Red is rojo en espanol.

Yellow is amarillo en espanol.

Blue is azul en espanol.

Extra fun Kumon Mazes.

1 comment:

Sheena said...

so awesome. I'm jealous. We haven't even been able to start this year yet. =/ miss ya.


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