November 2, 2011


We are preparing for some changes in our home. For most of November we will be visiting family in the states and I have been preparing for homeschooling there. What to take, what to leave at home and inexpensive things that I can get there rather than taking.
But the biggest thing is that I will be starting school. I was planning on starting this week but I am going to wait until January. My major has also changed from my previous post and the school. Told you there has been and will be more changes around here.
And with homeschooling my guys, I haven't had much time to blog. I haven't tried any new recipes either... I am planning on making some fun and yummy fall food while I'm visiting my family. Mexico doesn't carry canned pumpkin! Can you believe it? I have some recipes that I found on Pinterest that look so good! I cannot wait. I got a new laptop so I will share those with you while I'm there.
Tomorrow at Bible study we will be having a missions day and we'll be making baby blankets! I love mission days! Please read this post about the babies with no blankets! If you are looking for someone to give your old blankets to or a ministry that is changing lives contact me and I will let you know more about how you can help!
And I cannot forget Halloween. This is a hot topic with many Christians. But I will tell you that it is all about the candy for this family! We (not me!) dress up in fun costumes and get lots of free candy! That is it. Especially living in Mexico, today is Dia de las Muertos or Day of the Dead. This is an actual holiday and hubs is home from work today. But the ninos y ninas were dressed up like dead people while trick or treating. Yikes! Not us! Buzz and Optimus Prime here!
Here are my little trick or treaters! 


Adrianne said...

I'll be praying for you all during these changes! I hope they are all leading to better things!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...



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