March 16, 2012

So Glad

I am really happy to see you are all still here. I have been a little busy since starting school so my blog has been all but forgotten. I have spring break soon and am hoping to get caught up on some posts. We've been homeschooling and studying and cooking new recipes and doing lots of reading. Here are a few pictures...
Transportation Preschool Pack

Loving Horizons Math

Explode the Code

Making His Own Toast

Number Practice from

Tangrams are Tough for the Perfectionist


Still Working on Tangrams

Still Loving Horizons Math

Clay Play, Making a "N"

Clay Play, Making a "J"

1 comment:

Adrianne said...

I CAN NOT believe these are the same little munchkins from the neighborhood who are now old nough to do school and make toast! And Tangrams? He rocks!


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