May 7, 2012

5-5-5: Week 4 and 5

I totally forgot to post last week! It was a bit crazy around here, I don't think I was home all day for any day. I know that is most people's regular schedule but we are usually home all the time.
Looking back to week 1, I fell off the train a bit this week. I will be back to focusing on healthy eating and drinking more water
Week 2 was tough for me. I feel like my to-do list is never ending and it really overwhelms me. I am going to start a six list, which is list of six things that must get done each day.
Week 3 was a challenge to read the Bible before you read ANYthing else. And I am proud to say that I did it every day and am definitely going to continue doing this. If I don't have anything else to read, I read a daily Proverb (31 Proverbs for 31 days of the month) and then I read the devotion from Jesus Calling, which is I highly recommend.
Week 4 was clearing your mind of something. I did use the computer (facebook) less and I tried to read more. I am reading Raising Real Men, which is an awesome book for parents of boys. It has changed the way I think about a lot of things and I can see changes in our family and I'm not even half way through the book yet! And like I said I am reading a Proverb a day and Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence. I am trying not to think/worry/dwell/focus on all the junk. When I think of something troubling I really try to just give it to God and let Him deal with it.
And now for week 5's challenge... Work. eww. Just kidding! Courtney asks if the people in our home would call us an eager-beaver? um... no. Not me. I avoid work at all costs. And let me tell you that I avoid it all. Laundry, dishes, floors (!). I would rather read or hang out with my kids or do just about anything. But these are my responsibilities and I know they need to be done. {side note: Courtney also talked about this but next week Good Morning Girls is starting a 14 week study on Proverbs. You can get the book from Courtney's blog Women Living Well and the reading plan on Good Morning Girls. If you need an accountability group, just leave me a comment and I can add you to my Facebook group or you can start your own, they even made a leader's guide! That starts Monday and goes through mid-August.}
Back to the challenge, to work with eager hands for God's glory. Doing the work around my home is no fun but doing it for God's glory changes the reason and my heart to want to do it all, for my family and for my God.  My plan this week is to get caught up on this chaos in my house, all for the glory of God! Please pray for me!
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I would love to join you for accountability. My email address is Thanks!


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