May 29, 2012


My lack of posts isn't by choice, I promise! I have finished the spring semester for school and I was super busy writing essays and doing tests! Go to college before you have kids. So, now that I have a little time to breathe before my next term starts I wanted to do some posts and get you caught up.
Update on our plants: WOW! The chives didn't really make it but the green beans (on the left) look like they're trying to give us some beans! The tomatoes are moving right along but no sign of fruit yet. Sadly, the herbs that my husband bought ended up covered in bugs! So I just threw them all away.
Our plants
Exactly one week after finding out it was lose, he wiggled it out. Inflation is crazy, he got $20 pesos from the tooth fairy!
Joshua lost his first tooth!
Nikolas is too cute to leave out! He loves to be in front of the camera. 
Nikolas is practicing fishy kisses!
That is a good one!

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