July 30, 2012

Books [and a million other things] Organized

Nikolas sitting with the organized books. They go around the corner, too.
I was in {desperate} need of a system for all of our books. Especially because I ordered a lot more this summer for the new school year. So I scoured Pinterest and found a great idea from a blogger that I already subscribe to! 1+1+1=1 had this fabulous system! Those boxes are expensive! I do not understand why but I couldn't pay that much, some were $5 a box! for cardboard. IKEA has, by far, the best price but they don't ship them. BOO! Lucky for me, there is a guy that sells IKEA items on eBay. Yes, really! I got 40 boxes for about $50, shipped free. While I waited for my boxes to arrive I organized the books into piles with sticky notes to divide them by subject or genre.
This was my goal:
1+1+1=1's bookshelf
It took lots of work to get them all organized but now as we get new books I will add them to the boxes. Now they are all on the shelves. Too bad they don't fit upright on the shelves we have but I'll take what I can get. Here is mine:

The top of the bookshelf holds our {HUGE} Sonlight binder, the boys' finished work binders, I will add completed work each week to these. Also my paper cutter and a box with our software in it.
The next shelf is big books that won't fit in a box or even on the lower shelves, Joshua's guitar lessons and amp, our Chronicles of Narnia set, future workbooks and some of my odds and ends.
And then is our Bible shelf; See the Light DVDs, What's In The Bible DVDs, Bible Stories DVDs, Bibles, Devotionals, Bible reference and map books.
Then our Sonlight shelf. All our readers, read-alouds and science books are here, labeled for Core A. I got the labeling idea from Pinterest.
A for Core A, LA for Language Arts (with 1 or K for level), S for Science, H for History, B for Bible and the bottom number is the week in which we will use the book. 

Our fiction shelf is below that. This includes any fun fiction stories, classics and poetry. Also leveled readers, Nate the Great series and Encyclopedia Brown books.
The bottom two shelves are divided into subjects like nature, bugs, ocean, people, art, language, earth, seasonal. And our BOB Books are here, too. 
Next to our bookshelf is a cabinet that my husband got for us to store our art supplies and all the stuff homeschoolers "need". 

The top shelf stores all mom's art supplies. Art, not crafts, that is an entirely different space!
Then mom's junk important stuff, like a bamboo spoon.
In the khaki and brown organizers (old version from 31) are math and language arts manipulatives and flash cards.
Next are workbooks, coloring books, tangrams, construction paper and on the left are Learning Palettes from Usborne.
On the bottom are all the boys' art supplies. 

On the top are my paint supplies in the tackle box and my easel (with a project that is screaming for attention).

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cori said...

hi...just wanted to give you an idea of how to make these dividers out of cereal boxes....yes!!! And your shelves can look like 1+1+1+1 mom's! I am like you...so not able to fork out the monies for organizing foof and my mom used to do this for years. If you don't buy cereal ask a friend who gets WIC in your area; they seem to always have an overload of cereal for their kids ages 5 and below. I found that contact papering them makes them stronger and more durable. I will see if I can find a pinterest link on how to and post it as well! thanks for your post...I missed it from the original source and was starting to panic thinking as a sonlight homeschooler starting our first batch of books, how in the world I was gonna organize it! PTL!!!!


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