July 23, 2012

Our {New} Bulletin Board

Last year we used this calendar or morning board but this year the boys will use the Create-A-Calendar from Sonlight. So I have changed out morning board to this:

The Ten Commandments and our bulletin board.

Our {new} bulletin board!

A prayer to start each day.

Questions to ask while reading our books.
Weekly Verse.

Book of the Bible.

The cards for each week's bible verse are from Delighting In Today. She made them to correspond with Sonlight Core A. I am very happy about that! Did I mention that they are free? Yes, really. I used only the "back". I printed them on different colored cardstock, cut them out and laminated them, then hole punched them. I will take off the card with the verse we are learning each week and hang it on our board. The page where the verse will hang was super easy to make, I used Microsoft Publisher. I just chose a border (from clip art) and inserted it, sized it to about half the sheet of paper and added the words. Then printed, trimmed, put a matching piece of paper behind it, trimmed that and then laminated it.
I did the same thing for the "Who, What, Where or When, Why and What?" page. This is to remind me to ask these questions for each book we read. And also for our prayer to start each day.
The Book of the Bible Bookmarks (it prints four on each piece of paper, I used one here and the others for bookmarks) are from Biblestoryprintables.com.
We will also use a calendar pocket chart (pics to come, I love this thing!) and Twelve Commandments poster, both from Christian Book.

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Jenna said...

Thanks for the shout out! So glad you are able to use the verse cards!


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