August 2, 2012

The Boys' Work Space

Through the look-through is our front door, hooks for jackets and my purse. The blue chart on the left goes with Explode the Code. 

Each boy has a desk and a set of drawers. 

Nikolas' desk, drawers (that I jazzed up with paper that they each chose). Nikolas has everything blue. That is his weekly binder on top. His name plate above his desk with shapes, numbers and letters on it.

You can see the paper I lined the boring plastic drawers with. Then just printed out labels. Any individual supplies (color-coded pencils and notebooks) will go in the top drawer, workbooks in the middle and journals or fun stuff in the bottom.

Joshua's desk and laptop. His binder is red. He has the name plate on the wall above his desk like Nikolas.

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