October 9, 2012

My plate is too small.

I have a lot going on right now. Homeschooling, of course, I'm taking physics (not recommended) and world history, we are  preparing for an international move (and we aren't sure where we are going but we are leaving Mexico), hub's job change, Bible study, my poor husband was sick all weekend, we are celebrating Nikolas' fifth birthday, ugh, there must be more.
I have been very overwhelmed with a lot of anxiety and emotions. I have been turning to food and have gained a few pounds back. I know God has it all figured out and I know He will provide for our family. If I didn't know that I would be in a padded room. Sometimes I am really close to that but then I step back and I give it to God. I can feel my shoulders lift and it feels good. I wish I could stop taking it back though.

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