April 23, 2010

To Write

"The intensive journal process is our inner workshop, the place where we do the creative shaping of the artwork of our life." -Ira Progoff

I stumbled upon the book journalkeeping by Carl J. Koch at the library and thought it give me some great ideas for to write about on my blog. I didn't anticipate writing about journaling but the quote above really touched me and I thought I'd share it with you and get to know my readers a little better at the same time.

Do you journal? I have started so many journals. I think I love to buy beautiful journals and imagine that I'll fill them with beautiful words. But it never happens. I have a really hard time sticking to it. That is until I met an awesome thing called Blogger! While I don't share my innermost secrets with the world, I do share the little things that happen from day to day, the things I love and want to share. The quote from Ira Progoff is an inspirational one for me. I never thought of journaling as the place where I shape the artwork of my life.

Tell me about your journal, what you write about. Is it a beautiful book or some lined paper you found in a drawer? Have you always journaled, when did you begin?

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Sheena said...

I just started a Life Journal after reading The Divine Mentor. I love it so much better than doing devotionals, because it's me reading the Bible, and writing about what I'm taking away from it. It's completely changed my outlook. I've also always journaled about life stuff since I was a kid. I've got a ton of journals laying around. I just found one from highschool and one from when we just got married. It's funny to look back on the things I wrote. =)


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