June 22, 2010

Couples Devotion 6/22

Verse for the Day

Passage for the Day 

Blended Gifts by Jeanne Hendricks
No matter what a wife or husband happens to be or do, marriage is teamwork. God doesn't give individual gifts  to frustrate a marriage, but to enhance it. He doesn't lead two people into marriage to see sparks fly, to pull a husband and wife in two opposite directions. He leads them into marriage to blend and maximize their usefulness.

Much of the tension that I see in marriages comes from grasping and holding onto what we consider our individuality. No matter what our gifts, talents or personalities, when they are given to God, he will blend them with those of out spouse because that's what marriage is all about.

I think of a friend of mine who was a nursing instructor. It was her life. When her husband was called into vocational ministry, with great fear and trembling she quit her job at the school of nursing. The interesting outcome was that God gave her nursing back to her-wrapped in a bonus. Their move enabled her to use her nursing skills at a church-sponsored clinic. God moved both her and her husband into new areas of opportunity. But my friend had to be willing to trust God to do the blending. 

Marriage Builders
Has there been a time when you put one of your individual dreams "on hold" so your spouse could pursue a dream? Was the eventual outcome positive for both of you?

How has God "blended" you to maximize your usefulness for his kingdom? how can you both be more open to his blending?

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