June 24, 2010

Couples Devotion 6/24

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WALKING WITH GOD by Kamilla Denman
I hadn't been reading my Bible long when I found what I had been looking for: "Abraham walked with God.... Noah walked with God...." How could I walk with God?
Most of the time when walking, those partners who are walking together are silent. Certainly, they make comments, but there is a silent understanding that they are seeking the same sights and experiencing the same sounds and smells. In fact, the better I know the person I'm walking with, the less we have to say and the more we enjoy the walk.
But what about walking with God? I saw that I could pray without ceasing as simply as I breathe without ceasing. Prayer could encompass my nonverbal communication with God. Just as I reach out to touch my husband, I can reach out to God without words. Just as I smile at a close friend, I can offer a smile of appreciation to God.
As I began to focus on walk rather than talk, I sensed more keenly the times when I walked in my own direction. I discerned my distance from God more clearly. Now, it is harder for me to go on with business as usual when I am not at peace with God or with another person. For me to walk with God, my whole self-body, soul and spirit-needs to be in order.

Marriage Builders
  • In what ways do you reach out for fellowship with God?
  • How would you characterize your "walk" with God-comfortable, close, distanced, awkward? What might make walking with God a more natural habit for you?
Additional Scripture Readings

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