June 30, 2010

One last post...

before I dismantle the computer and put it back in its box to be shipped to our new home.

Please pray for us as the movers pack us up and move us to the world's 2nd largest city! Pray for us as we try to simplify and make some changes within our household. Pray that we will find a church and supportive community in our new city. Pray that our new home will be convenient for Jason & work. Praise God that we are only moving one time zone away and that the flight is only about 6 hours. Praise God for the cool weather this morning. Praise God for 4 years of wonderful marriage and adventure with my best friend. Praise God for my healthy boys (that never stop eating). Praise God for walking with me always and carrying me through the challenging parts.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I am going to try and update on my phone while I'm away from computer, no promises on consistency or quality. I'll miss you while I'm away! Thanks for sticking with me!

1 comment:

ModistaModesta said...

Good luck - I'll hope and pray that everything goes well with you and yours!


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