August 13, 2010

We have arrived!

We are in Mexico City and in our new house! We have a huge apartment on a quiet street, close enough to walk to the grocery store. We have three bedrooms and 3.5 baths PLUS maid's quarters. Plenty of room for visitors (hint, hint). We were excited to learn that we have heat and a/c , as most places here do not. And we actually have used our heater a few times at night! YEP! I said heater! The weather is beautiful even though it rains every evening. There is a great play area for the kids, as well as pool, gym and bbq area. There is a guard at the entrance and we have an alarm system (that is for the concerned family members).

I really think Jason will enjoy his position here. It takes about 30 minutes for him to get to work as long as he leaves right when he gets off. If he gets out late, then it takes closer to an hour. He started his Spanish lessons yesterday, hopefully I'll find a way to go soon, too. Not many people here speak English. I wish we had had more time to prepare for moving here, oh well. Jason also started his second to last class to complete his Bachelor's degree. I am so proud of him! He should be finished in early October.

Our first shipment of our belongings should be here Monday or Tuesday (including my computer!) and I am very anxious to start living here! The boys are calling this "our new hotel", so it would be very nice to start making it a home. This shipment includes most of our kitchen items and linens. aaaahhhhh, flannel sheets I miss you.

Our internet is pretty slow with uploads, so we are going to upgrade it (which will take a while) and then I'll upload pictures to share.

Pray that we are able to attend church this weekend and that I am able to join in with the ladies' group when they start in a few weeks. Yahoo says the church is only 17 minutes from where we live, so hopefully it will be easy to taxi there!

Off to the playground... Better hurry! Looks like rain!

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