January 12, 2011

Being Digitally Creative

A few people have asked questions about how to make blogs and blog designs. I have no idea! Follow an online tutorial! Really, that is what I do. It takes a lot of time! My re-design was about 6 solid hours (including new buttons and everything).
My #1 tip is to play around with some digital scrapbook stuff. You need some kind of software to do this, I use CS4 but you can use whatever you want. I think GIMP is a free program and maybe Paint, too. Never used these. I was using Photoshop Elements, which is a lot cheaper that CS4, to edit photos and that is how all this craziness started. Anyway, find something to practice in. Play around with layout and sizing, make some scrapbook pages and then order prints. I found that Costco has 12x12 prints for $2.99 and shipping is reasonable. And you're killing two birds with one stone, scrapbooking and designing your own blog! Use some of the tools in your software and learn your way around a bit. Then find a specific tutorial for what you want to do. I have listed a few of my favorites...

Fan of kevinandamanda.com! Free Fonts. Recipes. Scrapbooking. Photography. Blog Design. Tutorials. Giveaway. Everything you're into!
These are not ads, I get nothing for sharing this awesomeness with you. Please share your blogs, scrapbook pages and digital creations, so that I will feel some satisfaction from this post. I love helping people learn to be more creative!

One other thing, always check the copyright information on your free downloads, you can usually use them for personal use at no charge but you can't sell designs made with them unless you pay for that. 

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