January 11, 2011

Ten Things I Want To Do in 2011

  1. Eat more protein; mainly fish and beans. 
  2. Make a much better effort to plan our meals.
  3. Read more (see Off The Shelf Challenge).
  4. Make an afghan that looks like an afghan. 
  5. Exercise. 
  6. Reduce our "things". 
  7. Keep a clean{er} house.
  8. Try to be more positive.
  9. Have a quiet time with God every day. 
  10. Learn to can.


Sheena said...

Great goals! I have similar ones. I'll be joining you with # 2, 3, 5,7,AND 9!! lol

Katie said...

Mahi Mahi is great fish and really high protein! Not sure if you have a WinCo but you could probably find it at Costco. Lots of great recipes so it tastes great too! Good luck with your goals, I hope you accomplish each one of them with a Can-do attitude :D


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