January 17, 2011

Melissa and Doug

We love Melissa and Doug products. I wanted to make sure you know what Melissa and Doug is. Because until a few years ago I didn't. We love their products. They are durable, made with love and they last!

These were our first products.

Then for Christmas we received these two great puzzles. The Alphabet Animal Train and Dinosaur floor puzzles have big pieces that are great for little hands (and mom to clean up)! They are very thick and sturdy. The colors are very realistic and so are the animals represented in the pictures. 

And here are a few more that are on our wish list...

300x250 Melissa&Doug 35% off
I am an affiliate (which means if you click on these links and make a purchase that I might make a little money) for Melissa and Doug. But, we honestly love their products. And plan on purchasing more in the near future. 


Sheena said...

I just bought that tool box the other day at Micheal's for Baby D to be another "school time" activity. =) It's really neat.

Miranda said...

I've heard about M&D products before, but I've never actually purchased any! I love what you've shown us on here! :-)


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