February 14, 2011

We were on a break!

[Sorry about the Friends reference.] After reading this post I have decided to continue my break from my blog. I love blogging but I think I need a break from the internet and want to start limiting my time here.
I am feeling burnt out not just on my blog but in life, as well. This move has been tough on my family. We have been very sick, most recently Nikolas and I had Giardia.
But there is a light! This weekend we are going to Acapulco for a relaxing trip. Then the boys and I are heading home for a month. I'll miss hubs and he is really the reason I'll be heading back to Mexico at all. It will be great to see our friends and family, and have a break.
Please pray for our safety while traveling. And that my spirit will be renewed in many ways. I appreciate your love and support. God Bless you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Giardia! You poor babies. Enjoy your break and take care!


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