April 27, 2011

Giveaway! So excited!

I am super excited about this giveaway! We recently purchased Peanut Butter Software for our boys. They use our old computer and seem to always change settings or languages and we can never get them back to the way we had them! I wanted to share this product with everyone, so I emailed the company and they were gracious enough to share a copy with my readers!

About Peanut Butter PC (from the manufacturer)
Today's children have access to the center of your digital life. Just think of all the work and memories you have socked away on your computer‟s hard drive. Now picture your kids (and their friends) playing bongo on the keyboard, or summarily executing your Word files with the swoop of a mouse. It‟s not just possible… it‟s probable.
Peanut Butter PC works to protect your electronic valuables by creating a fun and friendly desktop environment. One which provides access to only the programs and websites you choose. Best of all, your kids can‟t break out of their desktop.
Peanut Butter PC works from Startup to Shutdown providing the perfect learning environment while giving you peace of mind. And when you need to take control back, just enter a special key combination, and your back in Windows (with your files just as you left them).
One of the great features of Peanut Butter PC is its built-in browser. The minimalist browser can keep your child from seeing pop-up windows, following links to other sites or just emptying the ink from your color printer.
Best of all, it blocks the right-mouse click which can cause havoc on a FLASH-based website (which make up the greatest portion of children‟s web sites).

My husband set up a profile for each of the boys. They have their own avatar guy with their name on it. Below are a couple of screenshots. 

This is the home screen, each boy also has their own with their name on it. 
How does PBPC Child-Proof a PC?
Securing a Windows PC is far more difficult than most realize… The following is an example of what Peanut Butter PC does to child-proof a Windows PC.
We Block
 DVD/CD-ROM AutoPlay
 Ctrl-Alt-Del (Opens Login/Logoff Options)
 Alt-Tab (Quick Program Selector)
 Alt-F4 (Closes Programs)
 Ctrl-Esc (Opens Start Menu)
 Windows key (Opens Start Menu)
 Context Menu key (Opens Menu)
 Windows Task Manager
 Multimedia buttons on keyboard
 Pop-ups on specified web sites.
We Hide
 Hide Notification Balloons (e.g. Windows updates, antivirus, new email notices, desktop clean-up wizard, etc.)
 Hide the Application Taskbar
 Hide the Windows Start button
 Remove the system icons from the Desktop (e.g. My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc.)
We Disable
 Disable the “Shut Down” command
 Disable the “Lock workstation” option
 Disable the “Password Change” option
 Disable the “Logoff” options
 Disable the “Switch Users” command
 Prevent right-clicking on the Desktop
 Prevent right-clicking on program icons
 Prevent right-clicking on web sites (important on children‟s sites with Macromedia FLASH)
We Regulate
 USB Drive Access
 Printing from specified web sites or children
 Access to CD-ROM/DVD drives (disabling the physical drive door button)
 Enable single-click launching of programs.

  • MSRP- USD $24.95 (download) USD $29.95 (retail package) + S/H *Educational and volume Discounts available
  • Licensing- One copy per computer
  • System Requirements - Windows XP / VISTA, 256 MB RAM, 1.8 GHz Processor, 2 MB disk space

AND NOW {{enter drumroll}} the GIVEAWAY! 
One Download Copy of Peanut Butter Software 
valued at $24.95!

  • Your first mandatory entry is... Leave a comment and tell us why your family needs PB Software or if you'd share it with someone else.
Other entries are optional but you know you want more chances to win!

Winner will be chosen by random.org and announced May 4th at 4PM (Central)!


Sheena said...

I would use this for my computer. I have an almost 6 year old who uses the computer a lot, and her 2 year old sister is always by her side.

Sheena said...

I follow your blog

Sheena said...

I like Creative Disaster on FB

Sheena said...

I liked Peanut Butter Software on FB

LaToya said...

I love this. there is something similar on Sesame Street's site called playsafe. I've always wondered if there was something like that for the whole computer. This would be great for my two boys so that I could let them be a little more independent on starfall and the like.

LaToya said...

I like your blog on FB

LaToya said...

I like PB software on FB too!

LaToya said...

i follow

Jennifer said...

This software sounds great. My little one isn't even 3 yet, but he loves pounding on the keyboard and playing the Giggles games. To protect our computer from his fun, would be great. Love it!

webly said...

That's sounds like an amazing software. My son will be spending more time with his cousin and that will really give us some peace of mind for both of them when they are online playing educational games.


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