April 4, 2011

New Beginnings

After reading one of my favorite blogs this morning I am inspired to have some new beginnings of my own. Courtney talked about committing to new beginnings (drinking more water) to squash the old things that would want to get rid of (diet coke). Focusing on bringing in the good/new/fresh and letting go of the old/bad/junky stuff that holds us back. Here are a few things that I am going to work on myself.

I will make a new commitment to my time alone with God, making this time with Him a priority will push out some of the time I waste on, ahem, facebook or other media outlets. I want this time to include prayer, Bible study (my formal group study book) and also reading and learning on my own.

I will add some exercise into my routine to feel better, have more energy and be healthier (again with the priorities).

I will get out of bed (not just wake up) 30 minutes earlier this week and then 30 more minutes next week. I will use this time for my quiet time with God, preparing for my day and drinking {at least one cup of} coffee. 

Well, that should get me started. Go read Courtney's post and get inspired to make some positive changes. 

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More Milestones said...

I really like this post. I'm all about positivity, graditude, making myself a better person and being close to God. This really wrapped it all up.
Mona : )


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