April 11, 2011


I have always been a big supporter of homeschooling. I have quite a few good friends that homeschool and I see their children and entire families really thriving. We are a military family, which means we move often. Three countries in as many years! This can prove disruptive for a family in many ways, school being at the top of that list. Since moving to Mexico I've met parents that send their children to the different private schools in the city. I'm not going to talk much about that other than mention that it has helped us choose homeschooling for our family. 
My husband has not always been as "into" homeschooling as I have. Our boys have never been to traditional preschool. The only time they were in daycare was for a week when I attended a women's conference in Germany while we lived in Italy. They got all of their smarts from good ole mom and dad. And probably Nick Jr. So, one day my husband comes home from work and announces to me that he thinks that we should homeschool. I love my husband but apparently he was a little behind. I have been doing this for a while now, buddy. I held back my excitement and told him I'd start looking into it. 
Now almost two weeks later I have confirmed my choice for curriculum. I've been praying about it and keep finding myself going back to it. Hubs is also concerned about keeping it legal; records and state requirements and all that. I found a program that will do all the bookkeeping stuff and keep us to whatever home state we choose to follow (CA). I want something that is thought out for me. We want it mostly to be from the same place, just to make it easier. 
We are truly blessed in that we will receive funding for our homeschooling! Long story short, there is no Dept of Defense school here for our children to attend. But we still want to keep our curriculum cheap because we will not always receive the funding and want to be able to afford it ourselves if needed. After searching and reading and filling my cart and emptying my cart, I think I have found what will be the best curriculum for our family. My Father's World is a complete curriculum, is very reasonably priced (preschool page) (kindergarten page) and people rave about it. Another reason I love MFW is because they share a passion of mine, Bible translation. I am very excited to get started. Now to figure out all the paperwork to get funded! Hopefully we can start soon! 

This is from the site:

What are some of the distinctive characteristics of My Father's World?
Most curricula favor one learning style whereas My Father's World is multi-sensory. We have Teacher's Manuals that are geared for the average mom, not a classroom teacher, and involve much less preparation. We often hear that people are overwhelmed with trying to do everything required in their curriculum but we rarely hear that from My Father's World families. Our programs combine elements of classical education, Charlotte Mason, and unit studies from a Christian perspective teaching a Biblical worldview. My Father's World consults with families before, during and after curriculum selection because we truly want to help families who are homeschooling.

My Father's World curriculum covers Bible, science, social studies (geography and chronological history), reading (three types: read aloud, read on theme, read at grade level), Greek and Latin roots, classic literature, music, art, character development, and more. All children in grades 2-8 are taught these subjects together using the same Teacher's Manual and books.

Kindergarten and First Grade are complete programs. You will add grade level math and language arts for each child in grades 2-8. In 7th and 8th you will also add a grade appropriate science program and additional grade level projects.

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Holly said...

I am so excited for you Emily! :) God will see you through! I am just so excited!

Karrie said...

Good choice, I've always liked MFW. :)

mira said...

really?? it's official?? happy for you! we're starting in the fall. Luckily our state doesn't require school until 1st grade, so I have a year to play around and pick a teaching style and curriculum before making it "official." I SO wish we lived closer together so we could kid swap again.

LaToya said...

I think it's awesome you too are on the same page for schooling your boys. I'm going to be using MFW this year with my K'er and I'm very excited!!!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Congrats! I'm so excited for you! Treasure these precious moments with your children - because they grow quickly. ENJOY and savor every moment!!!
Much Love,

Rachel said...

I've been considering homeschooling this whole school year. I've thought about "trying it out" for the summer and seeing how it goes.

I admire you! Good luck!


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