May 3, 2011

Curriculum for 2011-2012

I know it is only May but I am super excited about starting school this fall. After much prayer and deliberation (and endless hours of going cross-eyed looking at curriculum) this is what we've decided on. Because our boys are only 18 months apart we will share a lot of experiences together.

-My Father's World

  • MFW includes reading, science, Bible, literature, art and math.
-Explode the Code Online and Workbooks
  • ETC includes handwriting and phonics.

We will also be using WorldWide IDEA. This is a brief description from their site: WorldWide IDEA is an accredited distance education program. Our mission is to form a collaborative partnership with the teaching parent to help provide an outstanding level of education for our students. We support your children's home-based education through a variety of means, including certified Contact Teachers, online resources and other tools to provide a comprehensive program. Plus, we understand that the importance of having the freedom to use your educational materials choices and teach your way.
Preschool Age 4 (he'll be 4 in October)

-Letter of the Week (we will use this in the order that MFW uses)


  • LCD includes Spanish lesssons, crafts, cooking and stories.
-Little Contenders of Faith
  • LCoF includes life skills and scouting type activities.
-I love the Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System. This is good for mom, too. 
-Our boys love to use the computer and they play games all the time. We use Peanut Butter Software {giveaway ends 5/4/2011} to protect the computer from their random clicking. They use the KidZui browser which is a free download. It takes them to all their favorite websites including Nick Jr, PBS Kids, Poisson Rouge and Disney. And it keeps them safe from the junk on the internet! BrainPop Jr is also one we will be trying out that is provided with the WorldWide IDEA program. 

-I will also use Enchanted Learning to build on weekly activities. World Book Online will also be a great resource, especially because we do not have a library here. Both of these memberships are also provided with WorldWide IDEA.

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Jamie said...

New here,I am hopping over from the HHH.You have a very beautiful blog so shabby chic!!!!!!!!I am getting excited about ordering curriculum for fall as well.Maybe it's the shopping and opening boxes!!

Please stop on over and visit for a while


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