June 28, 2011

A Long Journey: Part Two

Continued from yesterday's post:
November 1994
In the spring of my sophomore year I met my first boyfriend, like for real boyfriend. I was a dumb girlfriend though. I totally surrendered my life to this guy. I loved him so much. Ugh, makes me nauseous to think of myself back then. I followed him like a puppy. Blech. Anyway, I stopped playing sports so I could spend any waking moment with him, of course. We ate out a lot, ate a lot of crap. And didn't do much else... movies, tv, football games, you get the idea. Sitting. I gained weight fast. I didn't really even notice until I couldn't get my jeans on. This was during the time of baggy jeans and grunge music. My sophomore year at prom (my boyfriend was a senior) I wore a dress that was size 3/4 and I was teeny! My junior year (with the same boyfriend) I went to prom in a size 12! Look at that picture-before the fat set in- at another dance. What I would do to fit in that dress again, I still have it!
Continued tomorrow...

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