June 17, 2011


I read somewhere (I can never remember where I read most of the great tips) that we should pray for something specific each day, each week. Here is my prayer schedule:

  • Joshua and Nikolas (my kiddos)-Monday
  • Habimfura and Family (our Compassion sponsor child)-Tuesday
  • Extended Family-Wednesday
  • Friends-Thursday
  • Jason (hubs)-Friday
  • Church (body of Christ and our local church)-Saturday
  • World needs (government and sharing of Gospel throughout the world)-Sunday
I have my list printed out and placed all over to remind me to pray. There is one on my monitor, bulletin board, in my Bible and in my wallet. 

1 comment:

LaToya said...

I like that idea. I need to work on my prayer life (outside of 21 days). I'm going to sit down and get my list done!


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