July 22, 2011

A Different Kinda Cupcake?

 I needed to make something for a Goodbye Brunch I was attending and because we are getting close to our vacation we've been trying to use all the groceries that might go bad. I am out of eggs. I was not going to load up the kids to go to the grocery store. Thanks to the amazing technology that we have these days I was able to google "cupcakes egg free" and found some recipes! The one I found was from Milk Allergy Mom but this one is also egg free. I had NO idea how they'd turn out but they are fudgy in the middle like brownies! YUM!
And then I learned a neat trick on Pinterest! You can make your cupcakes heart shaped! It is kind of hard to tell but mine are heart shaped. You just stick a marble on one side and it holds the cupcake liner to make a heart. Cute idea, huh!

Go visit Milk Allergy Mom for the cake recipe and other options! (It made about 15 cupcakes)
This is the recipe I used for frosting, it is super sweet and if I had had some cream cheese I would have used that instead but here you go.
3.5 cups powdered sugar
0.5 cup baking cocoa
.25 cups (1 stick) real butter, room temperature
1 TBsp vanilla
0.5 cup milk (don't pour this all in, add as needed)
Mix together and whip it good. I like to mix it longer to make it a little fluffier. This made enough frosting for probably 24 cupcakes. Frost after cake is cooled, of course. I keep it in the fridge!

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