September 9, 2011

Week Three, Lesson 1: Sun

Lesson 1: SUN

Drawing #1 Sun, #2 Spoon

Drawing #3 Skunk, #4 Scissors

Letter "S" Practice

Being silly! And doing some math.

More letter practice.


Extra math worksheets

Letter practice
Here are pictures from this week's lessons. Joshua is getting better at his letters and I can tell he is enjoying it. We finished a full TWO lessons in Get Ready for the Code. In Math-U-See Joshua finished one full lesson (6) plus two extra pages and the first two pages of lesson 7. All in a short week!
We also started our devotional this week, Gotta Have God for ages 2-5. It surprises me how much he remembers while he is drawing and I am reading. I think it is helping him focus by having something to work on while I read aloud. But he always knows the answers to the questions at the end, even if I don't think he is listening. We did some copywork from Mama-Jenn. And Joshua has memorized our daily prayer! All I said was "Lord..." and he finished it. That was exciting!
Copy work from Mama Jenn.

This week hubs is traveling so I'm going to school through the weekend. It helps their behavior for the rest of the day if they start with some structure and therefore, helps my sanity. Homeschooling has been wonderful but it definitely has its challenges as well. Let's just say that we all sleep really good at night!

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