October 11, 2011

My Baby's Birthday

My baby is now FOUR years old. It has flown by. Here are some pictures, mostly of presents. But we had a wonderful party with some of Nikolas' friends. It was nice to celebrate with friends.
I planned on making him a cake but he saw this ooey-gooey fudge cake at Costco and had to have it. It was good and super rich! 

Making a wish (I am  mid-word and looking a little duck-lip-y).

Joshua helping Nikolas with presents.

Look at that dimple! and the pizza sauce.

Still with fudgey face.

Lots of wonderful gifts!

Pretty rocks and books about them from Great Grandma. (These will be great for Rocks and  Jewels lessons down the road.)

I had an entire load of NEW clothes to wash!

Cars 2 puzzle!

My friend made Yoshi and Toad for Nikolas, love them!

Our first real Lego's!

Goodies for the big brother, too!

Underwear and clothes!

They both have been begging for a watch, found these super cool Lego Buzz and Woody watches on Zulily for $7 each!

Each watch came with a Lego Buzz or Woody!

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