October 10, 2011

Week 7: Nest

We had a short week because hubs has been traveling a lot and had a long weekend off. We read a lot about nests and other animal homes. Math is getting harder, so we are slowing down and doing one full lesson each week. I ordered the next workbooks for Explode the Code, we are almost finished with the first set. I am considering using the Explode the Code online as well. Here are some pictures from this week.

"N" words. Nikolas, naranja (orange in Spanish), nickle and numbers.

Animals on the left and their homes on the right. Fish, cow, dog and bird.

1 comment:

LaToya said...

I love that he used himself for the letter N. My son used me for the letter L and I thought it was so sweet.

I wanna see what your little man is up to.


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