January 18, 2012

Popsicle Sticks!

If you are not on Pinterest may I just ask why not?? If you need an invite just give me your email and I'll send one asap! Follow Me on Pinterest

Anyway... yes, there is a point to my obvious obsession with Pinterest. Besides decorating my imaginary house and designing my fantasy wardrobe, I also find loads of great homeschooling ideas. I recently found this one and was excited to try it out. So I made some of my own but I added more. I did three sets of 1-20, front and back. We are nowhere near multiplication and division so I just did equal signs, a plus and a minus. I also did an alphabet set with A-Z; upper case on one side, lower case on the opposite side, consonants and vowels in different colors. I'm thinking of numerous ways for both boys to use  them. Here they are...

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